Vertical Farming is Now

Our technology offers exceptional advantages that create new opportunities for agricultural growth, giving our customers simple, cost-efficient growing capabilities. With our innovative vertical growing systems, harsh pesticides and excessive water usage will not be required. With us, you can increase the quality of your product while enhancing the quality of our environment.

Benefits of Vertical Farming


Produces Year-Round


Advanced Technology Saves Water


Grows Crops Near Local Markets

Prevents Loss to Pests & Diseases


Cultivates Specialized Plant Varieties

Radix Indoor Vertical Farming Grow Systems

For years, CEA has needed a radical upgrade and Radix is the solution.  In today’s economy and environment, ramshackle grow beds and leaky tubes just won’t work.  Radix offers clean-lined and smartly ergonomic systems for growers. Say goodbye to inefficient, cluttered facilities.  Say hello to streamlined efficiency and productivity.


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It Works

Our plant scientists and engineers collaborated with growers for extensive research, design, and testing on Radix. The results: the world’s leading-edge Vertical Farming technology.


It Simplifies

The Radix platform achieves efficiency and simplicity with injection-molded, food-grade plastic segments. Featuring integrated water circulation, lighting and stackable assembly, it makes grow operations easy. Simplicity is our solution to vertical farming. It should be yours too.


It Yields

Radix modules produce a wide array of crops, including leafy greens, baby greens, microgreens, herbs and flowers. The modules feature customizable light-to-bed heights for all stages of plant growth. If you can grow it hydroponically, you can grow it in our system.

The Technology of Radix


FlexFlow’s patented design provides gravity-driven water circulation. Exceptionally scalable and integrated, it features adjustable water levels and flow patterns for even distribution of nutrients.


One-piece, food-grade, high-density, injection-molded PowerRaft modules offer seamless, no-hassle assembly. Versatile, they’re perfect for seedlings, microgreens, baby greens, and fully developed crops.


A game changer, our AlgaeShield technology inhibits algae growth by minimizing light penetration to the water as well as sealing unused plant sites from illumination.