Lighting the Future

In our dedicated horticulture research facility, the plant science teams use the latest LED technology to create innovative horticulture lighting, optimizing spectrums for plants.


New Cultivars, Nutrient & Lighting Recipes


Leading Research in Plant Science


15,000 Square Foot Research Facility


Specialized in Quality of Light Spectrums


Skylark Vertical Farm Grow Lights

Skylark grow lights are ideal for Vertical Farm and Greenhouse Growers. With more than 100,000 fixtures deployed worldwide, growers benefit from increased yields, improved flavor and color, and reduced energy cost. With an efficacy greater than 2.0 uMol/Joule, Skylark is easy to install and includes a spectrum optimized by plant scientists and proven by growers. Skylark now offers more than 7 spectrums optimized for different plant varieties and stages of growth.

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Flamingo Greenhouse Inter-Lighting

For cultivating vertical vine crops, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, our Flamingo grow lights reach shaded areas where sunlight cannot. Designed to increase canopy penetration, they allow for aisle installation with a 320° two-sided beam angle. The lights offer drop-in mounting for easy installation and spacing adjustments.

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Toucan Medical Plant Grow Lights

Our patent-pending Toucan medical plant grow lights are ideal for R&D facilities. With 6-band spectrum tuning, they allow savvy growers to maximize their crops with ultimate control. They are efficient with active cooling and can be adjusted remotely with iOS and Android apps.

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Owl Horticulture Lighting

The energy-efficient green LEDs ensure no interruption to the plant photoperiodic cycle and offer enough light for farmers to work. Each light is equipped with a ballast-compatible driver for easy plug-and-play installation in existing fluorescent fixtures. Their light distribution profile is ideal for any indoor growing facility.


Veg Max™ Optimized Plant Spectrums

Sananbio Veg Max™ patented spectral “recipes” are designed for optimum growth of leafy greens by seeking the balance between yield and deliciousness. In addition to the blue and red peak radiation, Sananbio Veg Max™ features a full-spectrum solution that covers UVa, green, and far red which are essential to both photosynthesis and photo-morphogenesis process in plant development. Sananbio Veg Max™ is based on the latest development in the photobiology field and has been proven in large-scale commercial farms globally to produce healthy and delicious crops.