Who We Are

The Future of Farming Starts Here

At Sananbio U.S., we are changing the future of vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology. We are enabling farmers to increase the quality and quantity of their growth, no matter the season. We are creating dependable, cost-effective horticulture and hydroponic system technologies that will reshape the way we grow. Driven by research and innovation, we are committed to making our growers successful and are invested in the future of farming.

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Solutions That Evolve Growth
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Vertical Farming Systems

Elevating Healthy Growth

Vertical Farming is science. Using advanced LED lighting technology and hydroponics, it’s the exciting new frontier of controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Vertical Farming is a social movement. By cultivating a wide variety of non-GMO plants, it increases nature’s bounty to meet today’s healthy lifestyles. Vertical Farming is change. It advances agriculture to meet the needs of today’s society in a world of environmental challenges. Vertical Farming is about responsibility, community and balance. It bridges the gap between urban life and the natural world. Vertical Farming is now.

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Horticulture Lighting

Innovative Designs Yield Better Results

Horticulture lighting is an exceptionally scalable and seamless leading technology revolutionizing indoor Vertical Farming. With best-in-class construction and proprietary design, our extensive expertise in advanced LED technology positions us at the forefront of the Vertical Farming industry where Sananbio U.S. benefits from a synergistic partnership with the Sanan, the world’s largest LED chip provider and IBCAS, one of the world’s leading research institutes.

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Helping Farmers

Produce Solutions

Our effective technology solutions are backed by highly skilled and highly motivated engineers and plant scientists. Adding intelligent design to the growth process, we are working to evolve vertical farming and invent new possibilities for the agriculture industry.

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